Friday, May 16, 2008

My Favorite Things

Lisa Leonard asked the question on her blog, "What are your favorite things?" It made me stop and think about the good things in life...something I often forget to do. Here are the first things that came to my mind:

~the smell of my 8 month old baby boy

~being too silly for words with my hubby while our baby giggles

~snuggling with my velvet soft mini-doxie schatz

~the feeling i get while singing a worship song when i can feel Jesus smiling down on me

~the realization of a prayer that's been answered

~the sound of my husband's key opening the front door after a long day without him

~sharing a bowl of popcorn with my hubby while watching LOST

~Doc's Java ice cream on a hot day

~having a good long and hard cry every now and then...for some reason i always feel refreshed afterwards

What are your favorite things??

Sunday, May 11, 2008

5 years with my Best Friend

Eric and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary yesterday. When I reflect on what we have experienced together these past 5 years, my heart is filled with praise, thanksgiving, and joy for what God has done. There have been both times of blessings and times of trials, but I truly believe that it has made our marriage stronger and our friendship deeper. I wouldn't want to go through this life with anyone else. Eric is an amazing husband and the father every child dreams of. I love you Eric and can't wait to celebrate 70 more years with you as your wife.

Eric, today in the presence of God and these witnesses, I commit myself to you as your wife, your encourager and your best friend. Because the Lord is the source of all that is perfect, I promise to continually seek Him as the giver of my love for you. I promise to be your helper and supporter that I may comfort you in times of sorrow and share with you joy in times of gladness. Eric, because the Lord has made us for each other, I joyfully anticipate the years ahead as we grow together in Christ and as a family. I promise to always be faithful to you and to our commitment, no matter what the cost and no matter what the sacrifice, for as long as we both shall live.

Monday, May 5, 2008

8 Months New

This has been quite the week of milestones for Noahroo. He turned 8 months old on the 1st of May. He cut 2 teeth making the grand total of pearly whites 5 so far. He also started crawling AND he can now pull himself to a standing position in his crib. I cannot believe how fast he is growing. I know I've said it in previous posts, but this little guy has stolen our hearts completely.