Sunday, April 5, 2009

36 weeks

I guess I can say that I am officially in the home stretch! I am 36 weeks according to an early ultrasound, but after my calculations as well as the fact that the little one measured almost a week ahead at our 31 week ultrasound, I am guessing that I am closer to 37 weeks. We had an interesting week to say the least, but we are happy to report that the baby is doing great!
I was covering for my partner teacher last Tuesday at school when I starting feeling "weird". I felt nauseous and dizzy and was having contractions that were pretty uncomfortable. It was also a scorching 100 degrees in SLO. Not what my body was used to or liked. After trying to lay down and see if I felt better, I decided that I needed to go home to Los Osos where I was sure to get some relief from the heat. I kept Noah at daycare and thought I'd take a nap. As I was driving home, I started to feel even more nausea. Luckily I made it into my house before I "lost" everything I had eaten that day. I laid down and no matter what position I was in, I was having lots of "uncomfortable"contractions. I tried to eat or drink but couldn't.
On my 12 minute drive to the babysitters house to pick up Noah, I counted 3 strong contractions and realized that maybe they were becoming more regular. By 6:45 I was feeling horrible and having contractions every 5 minutes. I decided to call my doctor. He said it would be a good idea to go to Labor and Delivery and get checked out. I threw some things in a bag while Eric got Noah ready for bed. Our dear friend Holly came over and we set out for the hospital. When we got there, the nurse got all the monitors set up and sure enough I was having regular contractions and some that I had to breath through. The nurse checked me and I was 1 cm. The doctor had the nurse give me IV fluids to see if re-hydrating me would stop the contractions. We waited about an hour, and although the intensity of the contractions slowed down, I was still having them. They decided to give me a shot of Terbutaline to make sure the contractions stopped. The shot worked and after a few hours of observation we were able to go home.
I had a doctor's appt. and Non-Stress Test on Thursday. The baby looked great and my contractions had stopped. I was also starting to feel better from the stomach flu I must have had. The doctor checked me again and I was 2cm. He said the baby may come early, but at this point I am far enough along that they won't stop labor.
We are so excited to meet our little girl, but I am hoping that she stays put for at least another week.

Top 10 Things You Shouldn't Say to a Pregnant Woman

33 weeks

10. Are you sure you aren't having twins?

9. You look "done".

8. You must be due any day!

7. You look like you are ready to POP!

6. Any pregnancy horror stories are also off limits.

5. You are going to have your hands full.

4. I'm glad it's you and not me.

3. You probably can't see your toes can you?

2. How far apart will your kids, you guys didn't waste any time.

1. Are you REALLY sure you aren't having twins.