Monday, January 19, 2009

A Quick Update

I need help deciding where I should put the pink bird for baby girl. Any suggestions??

22 weeks in my pajamas!

Our little man.

Here are a few pics of Noah within the last month. He is talking so much and it seems like he learns a new word every other day. He is like a sponge and I am really enjoying this age. We are all getting ready for our baby girl to arrive. Eric is drafting a plan for a closet organizer and I am getting ready to incorporate a few "girl" elements to the room that she and Noah will share. I am saying "she" and "her" because as of now, we haven't decided on a name. I have a few that I like, but nothing that has grabbed me yet. We are also thinking we may keep the name a secret until she is here. It's always fun to have some element of surprise. I am feeling more connected to her and a few nights ago a feeling of love came over me as I felt her moving inside of me. It has taken a lot longer to connect with this pregnancy than it did with Noah, but I am slowly starting to feel a sense of anticipation for our little girl to come and join our family. Only 18 more weeks!